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Midwest Oil is a wholesale distributor of quality gasoline, diesel, and lubricant products. We operate various facilities throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Our team has a great variety of expertise in the fuel industry. From site procurement, to ground-up construction and fuel supply, we specialize in all phases of service station development.

How it Started

Midwest Oil was originally formed in 1952 as a small gas station, repair shop and distributor of petroleum products. Over the years, it has grown vastly in both the retail and wholesale divisions. Our wholesale distribution division, which was expanded in 2004, now supplies fuel and other merchandise to dozens of service stations across the Midwest and South.

Our Goals

We strive to make your duties as a station owner as stress free and rewarding as possible. From start to finish, we know how to efficiently and effectively convert brands into fresh, successful operations. We are committed to working closely with you in an effort to make this transition easy. Our team has the industry experience and marketing tools required to help you maximize your potential.


The benefits we provide

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Brand Conversion

Midwest Oil will provide all materials required to brand your service station. This includes new logos, price signs, graphic decals, canopies, and lighting. We have the ability to refresh the image of your station with a clean and refined look that is bound to maximize its profit making potential.

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Retail Buying Power

Using our vast network of stores, we are able to provide our customers with the best prices for fuel and other merchandise. We can also provide commission-based marketing, where we provide you with fuel inventory and handle pricing and ordering on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on retail operations.

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Facility Design

We can recommend secondary profit centers and re-design store layouts to fully optimize your profit making ability. We can provide you with qualified construction managers and service station maintenance companies that are fully capable of renovating your location.


Solutions For A Powerful Future

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EPA Compliance Consultation

We can assist with obtaining Stage II Vapor Recovery Certification and Inventory Reconciliation Programs that will track your stores’ fuel volumes, fuel deliveries and daily fuel sales anywhere in the world. We can upgrade your POS systems to be EMV compliant and accept the latest forms of payment by your customers.

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Whether it's for a new construction project or a face-lift of your current retail facility, Midwest Oil can provide financing plans through its own funding or connect your company with financial institutions that are specifically geared toward lending for the petroleum industry.

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A dedicated marketing representative will work closely with you to build your business through targeted marketing strategies and management techniques. We employ highly trained representatives, who are eager and capable to apply their knowledge and skills toward maximizing your profitability and growth.


We operate various locations throughout the Midwest and South

















Our Team

With over 75 years of combined experience in the Petroleum Industry

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